Corona 35 Gallons Gas Storage Geysers 35G Heavy Gauage


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Rust Free Galvanized Inner Tank, Solid Body, Used Against High Water Pressure, Three Water Utilization Points.

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Corona 35 Gallons Gas Storage Geysers 35G Heavy Gauage is one of our top-line and best product among our customers and is one of our most popular items. You can find it at the best price. It’s known for its great performance and top-notch quality, making it a favorite choice for many. You can easily get this product delivered to your doorstep all across Pakistan when you order from https://syedcorporation.pk/, we make sure you get this product quickly at your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan.

Best Price of Corona 35 Gallons Gas Storage Geysers 35G Heavy Gauage


Corona 35 Gallons Gas Storage Geysers 35G Heavy Gauge

Corona 35 Gallons Gas Storage Geysers 35G Heavy Gauge is a standard geyser with 35 Gallons capacity. With its spacious and compact design, this is ideally fit for medium-sized to large families. This gas geyser cost is quite affordable and it provides hot water for bathing and other household uses. If you have a large family, office, or another public place where you need an uninterrupted water supply on normal water pressure, then this is the best model for you. Moreover, it has three water utilization points, a rust-free galvanized inner tank, and a super solid body. You can adjust the water temperature as required and quickly make the water available for washing, bathing, dishing, or any other purpose.

LPG Geyser for Uninterrupted Water Supply in Outage 

Since Pakistan is facing electricity and gas shortages, the demand for instant yet additional sources has increased. However, Corona gas geysers offer versatile options to run your geyser without any interruption. These gas geysers also work as lpg geysers. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), a clean-burning, effective fuel source that can deliver immediate and constant heat, is the preferred fuel for gas geysers. LPG is suited for a variety of uses, including water heating.

How does the Gas LPG Geyser work?

A regulator controls the flow of LPG as it is delivered from a gas cylinder or pipeline into the gas geyser. A burner unit is located within the gas geyser. The burner ignites the LPG gas when the geyser is switched on. A heat exchanger, which might be a coil of pipe or a metal plate, is heated by the burner. This heat exchanger is used to raise the temperature of cold water by absorbing heat from the hob. Instantaneous hot water for residential usage is produced when heated water leaves the geyser and flows to the required outlet.

Better Safety Measures than Other Geysers

Corona gas geysers are easy to install. When installing a gas geyser, it is essential to adhere to the manufacturer?s installation instructions and safety precautions. A certified technician?s expert installation guarantees the geyser?s safe and effective operation. The gas geyser must also have regular maintenance and periodic inspections to be in good functioning order. 

Unmatched Features

Modern Gas storage geysers at Syed Corporation come with optimum safety features which are given as follows:

  1. Gas geysers have safety features including flame failure sensors and low-pressure cut-off switches that guarantee safe operation.
  2. Flame failure sensors can detect when a burner flame is unintentionally put out and instantly cut off the gas supply to stop gas leaks.
  3. In order to keep the geyser from running out of water, low-pressure cut-off valves cut off the gas supply if the water pressure falls below a specific point.

Why is Storage Geyser Is A Better Option

When it comes to the better option, it?s vital to remember your individual requirements, tastes, and usage patterns determine whether storage geysers or any other geysers should be used at your home, office, or any other public place.

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